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Negative Scanning Service

Tightlines Production offers the best Negative Scanning Service based in Denver, Colorado.

I provide professional negative scanning services as well as retouching and high resolution image file creation. I can also recommend and deliver files to the top photo printers for local printing in Denver, as well as online photo printers. Our Negative Scans service provides the high resolution files of your negative scans for printing as photographs, artwork, t-shirts, or for use in graphic design. I use a negative scanning app that lets us scan negatives at super high resolution so that the images can be enlarged for larger photo prints such as 8"x10” or larger, depending on the quality of the negative. Scanning negatives is often better than scanning in old printed photos as we can maximize the resolution for printing high resolution prints that include more details that the prints. Some negatives may be damaged, so I also offer retouching and photo correcting services to create digital files of your photos for use in printing or online. Contact me today for a free estimate on negative scans.

Recent Photo Negative Scanning Service Projects include:

  • scanning art negatives (yes, from the dark room days of photography)

  • negative scans of old family photos to be enlarged for printing at larger sizes

Negative Scan Services:

  • 35mm negative scanning service (standard negatives)

  • 110 negative scanning service (13mm x 17mm)

  • 126 negative scanning service (28mm x 28mm)

  • medium format negative scanning service

  • black and white negative scanning service

  • color negative scanning service

Convert Negatives to Digital Services:

  • scan negatives for use on social media

  • scan negatives for use in memorabilia (t-shirts, stickers, magnets, posters)

Negative Scanning Service in Denver

Negative Scans for use on Websites: For example, I can scan historical negatives for use on company history pages or for use in slideshows. Often websites have old photos that are low resolution and do not look good when enlarged for full screen images. If negatives are available I can scan the negatives at a much higher resolution so they can be used at any size online or in print.

Negative Scanning Service for Large Negatives

Scanning old Film Negatives:

If amongst your photo albums you have old film negatives, I can scan the negatives to be able to print high quality photographs from them, and provide digital files for use in emailing, social media, or use on websites. Scanning negatives (if they are in decent condition) can produce much higher quality images than scanning in old photographs, especially if they are damaged, faded, or small.

Negative Scans - Color Correction:

Negative scans can look blue, green, or be grainy, have fading or damage. I will color correct and retouch the negative scans as needed to ensure that you have a high quality digital file that can be used to print photographs, memorabilia, or used online for emailing, websites or social media.

Recent Negative Scans Project: I recently worked on a fun project, scanning old negatives from a skateboarding session back in the '80s. Some examples are below. One of these images was turned into a t-shirt, and shared online. I did do some photo retouching on the negative scans to make the images more clear and to remove some damage and faded areas – see some of the before & afters of the images below:

80s Skateboarding Negative Scan and Retouch

80s Skateboarding Negative Scan and Retouch

80s Skateboarding Negative Scan and Retouch

T-shirt made from 80s skateboarding negative

So if you are in need of negative scans, I am happy to talk to you. Contact me today for a free estimate.


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